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If you're in need of some money, you can apply for a deferred deposit loan, also known as a payday loan. You can also opt for signature loans (B-Loans). The state limit for payday loans is up to $500, so take advantage of it today!

  • Proof of income (last payroll check, award letter)

  • Recent month's bank statement

  • Blank checks

  • Copy of utility bill and Social Security card

  • Government issued ID

Oklahoma State law limits 2 deferred loans per Social Security Number at a time.

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for Those Times of Need

  • Proof of income (last payroll check, award letter), recent month's bank statement, and blank checks

  • Copy of a utility bill and Social Security Card

  • Government issued ID

When you're in need of more money, B loans are the smart way to go. With signature loans you're eligible to borrow money up to $1470. Contact American Check Cashers today for more information.

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